Small Churches, Bi-Vocational Pastors, and Their Role in the SBC

Screenshot 2014-09-18 at 9.55.55 AMLet me first mention the new look of the Baptist Press website. The new site design rolled out yesterday (Sept 17) and includes a few new features as well.

If you looking at the new BP site anyway, go ahead and read this article about the first meeting of the Bivocational and Small Church Advisory Council of the SBC. Frank Page, Executive Committee President, says that in the 21st century the best stewardship model will be bivocational. The council consists of 21 pastors of small and/or bivocational churches who will advise him on meeting that population’s unique needs. He defines “small church” as those with 125 or less in Sunday School and claims between 35,000 and 46,000 SBC churches fit that description.

For every mega church in America there are thousands of other churches that will never reach mega status. For every large church in your area there are probably 10 or 20 smaller ones. Think about it: we could list several celebrity pastors, household names that most Americans would recognize. There are thousands of small church pastors in communities across the nation that would be mostly unrecognizable outside of their own community. But that’s probably where most of us are. Small churches vastly outnumber the really big ones. And that’s before we include small groups meeting in homes or other spaces besides a church building.


Note: The Master’s Table isn’t necessarily a Baptist blog. The goal is be God honoring and Christ-centered as we discuss theology, Christianity, news stories that relate to the church in America, etc. I happen to be an ordained Southern Baptist minister and this site is listed at SBC I subscribe via email to Baptist Press News. I read a variety of Christian blogs, devotions, books, and even follow Pope Francis on Twitter, but the simple fact is I am most connected to what’s up in the SBC.

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