Happy Monday

give thanks

I know not what course others may take, but as for me and my blog we will have no part of Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving Day. Clark Bunch is blogging 30 Days of Thanksgiving; this will be Day 3 if you’re counting. Here is a list of stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, pushing back against the Black Friday creep:


Thank you HLN and AFL-CIO. And now on with the Happy! 

I saw the sign

Jude Redfield, WDRB

Halloween has come and gone, and we weren’t even going to say anything… until this. Check out t.v. weatherman Jude Redfield of WDRB in Louisville, who appeared this way on screen:



great is the Lord

he can illumine

Coffee with Jesus is back after a short hiatus to release a second book. It’s been a few weeks since the strip was a regular feature, so how about a bonus?

not wired that wayeuropean hand bag

It took me a second longer than it should have to realize this was not a legitimate news item; thank you Paul Wilkinson for sharing.

Maya Angeloubiker bar FLstart working

Well, we hope that’s a dose of what you need to get off on the good foot this fine November morning. I’m gonna leave you with a pic of the boss man in a bow tie, and the answer to your question is yes, that’s he wore to church Sunday morning. Have a Happy Monday!

bowties are cool


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