All Shook Up

handshakePraying for a politician running for re-election. Celebrating with a brother whose son finally came to Christ. Receiving a praise report from a member who had surgery. Hearing how the Lord used a particular sermon I preached to change a life. Meeting a little girl who begged her parents to talk to the pastor. Receiving an update on a sick member. Ministering to a new resident of the city who is looking for a church. Thanking a faithful volunteer for his faithful but often unnoticed service.

These encounters were not part of my office schedule from last week. They were opportunities I had by shaking hands after church this past Sunday.

Please continue reading The Pastoral Ministry of Shaking Hands by H.B. Charles via Church Leaders .com 


I have read a couple of articles at and browsed seveal others and decided to add that site to the list of Useful Links in the right-hand sidebar. The site is for any person in a church leadership role. Under the Find Your Ministry tab you can choose from senior pastor, worship leader, youth leader, small group leader and outreach.

One thought on “All Shook Up

  1. Very good point. One time we went to a church but only for a few weeks…. we thought perhaps we would change churches for reasons I won’t go into.. Never did the pastor go and shake hands after the service. In fact the church was so big.. and the music was beautiful and the preaching was good most of the time… but we were never visited or contacted by him either. He did stay at the front to pray for those wanting prayer, so he was busy… but as newcomers we just felt we didn’t belong there… We went back to the church we came from and decided we weren’t meant to move after all… Diane..

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