Happy Monday


UPDATE: I have just discovered, quite by accident, that the snowflakes are responsive! They are most visible on the banner image so read these directions and scroll back up. Hold your mouse directly in the center of the screen and the snow will fall straight down. Move your mouse to the left or right and see if the direction of the falling snow doesn’t change.



We now return to your regularly scheduled Monday. faith in God

seeking God

non dairy milk

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

whole Bible



(click any image for full size, especially the next two) Coffee with Jesus, faith

And finally from the good people who bring you The Wednesday Link List:
The Journey’s of Saint Paul as a tube map

paul-tube-map-finalIf you only stop by on Mondays, please check out yesterday’s post Inspired by Ivan. He wants to share his story with any and all that it can help in any way. I don’t usually beg for likes and comments but let’s all pitch in and give Ivan a thumbs up. 


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