Happy Monday

singles ministry

If you’re on Twitter we recommend following Church Curmudgeon. This is also a public service announcement to all guys everywhere: Valentine’s Day is this coming Saturday. Alright then, it’s Monday – let’s Happy!

Eph 3 20

worshipNoah guymy own little world

chicken or the egg

the good, the bad and the dogly

The Good, the Bad, and the Dogly

charge time

heaven and hell

And finally we leave you with this: After all the talk about “Deflategate” Christianity Today asked readers to suggest what the ministry equivalent of cheating might be. Special thanks to Daniel Jepsen and Internet Monk for sharing this on Saturday Ramblings. Enjoy, and HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY!

CT deflategate equivalency


One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. I just realize that dog is saying “I Noah a guy” instead of “I Noah guy.” See the difference? I would not have posted that if I had noticed earlier.

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