The Master’s Table Tutorial

Screenshot 2015-02-19 at 11.39.36 AMThe Master’s Table is designed to have lots of stuff going on, even on days with no new content being posted. The RSS feed from Unity Baptist Church will usually contain one or more of the latest sermons I have written; they are not posted on both websites. The details from Bible Gateway and Our Daily Bread are updated daily and the blog roll to the right features blogs that I read, written by folks smarter than I am who update their blogs more frequently if not daily. This tutorial is designed to “walk you through” some of those features.

If you were not directed here from the About Page, About explains the mission statement of the blog and gives a little insight into the blog’s title and header image. Clark Bunch is the author of most material and the administrator. This blog is not about Clark but you can read more of his story here. 

In the Left-Hand Sidebar you will find:

  • Links to the most recent posts (usually sermons) at Unity Baptist
  • A link to Bible Gateway and the current Verse of the Day
  • An image from Our Daily Bread (ODB) which links to their daily devotional
  • A list of categories of archived blog posts
  • A pulldown menu for archived posts listed by month published

In the Right-Hand Sidebar you will find:

  • A link to The Master’s Table Facebook page
  • A search toolbar for this blog
  • The Blogroll of my favorite blogs (each entry is an active link)
  • A list of useful sites, including reference websites and online Bibles
  • A few links that partner with us to help readers connect. The Master’s Table is a part of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid and your blog can be as well. Click here to learn more.

Somewhat useful information in no particular order – 
New material is posted, on average, two or three times per week. Happy Monday is published, with little variation, every Monday morning at 6 a.m. EST. First time comments are moderated but future comments will appear immediately after your first one has been approved. Book reviews are limited to how many books I can read in addition to everything else I do, which at this time is not very many. Blog posts can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit or use the Press This or Reblog buttons to share via your own WordPress blog. Some readers subscribe via e-mail; I don’t know how that works. All scripture references appear in ESV and are linked to Bible Gateway (archived posts from 2008 to early 2014 are linked to

Happy Monday is posted by Van Til. To make a long story short, there is no Van Til. It’s a running gag that pays tribute to my friend and mentor Michael Spencer.

You can contact me via email:


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