Happy Monday

coffee and snowmen

No, we’re not doing another snow day collection. (If you missed it click here.) Let’s get on to the scriptures, quotations and comics you’ve come to know and love, now with 90% less snow.

Psalm 46 10

Psalm 5 12

cheer up

wise and foolish

seizing the day

(click image for larger) the brain

long little doggytractor pun

sat rambling feb 21

From Saturday Rambler Daniel Jepsen via Internet Monk:
The toy maker Playmobil is getting ready for the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation.  The first item produced is a Martin Luther action figure, holding a quill and a German Bible.  It quickly became the fastest selling item Playmobil ever produced.

There is more stuff in the Happy Monday folder than we can publish in 5 weeks! So enjoy the bonus image below and in spite of everything HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY! 

snow tired


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