Happy Monday

perish the thought

You and me both squirrel, you and me both.

Isaiah 45 2

hear from God

the 7th day

Photo2080serve and correct

one pepp pizz

I would have gone with soccer golf, they’re calling it foot golf. And it’s catching on. soccer golf

I’ve heard of guys being a little “handsy” but thought it was a figure of speech.

handsyIf you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy you will now have I Want You Back stuck in your head for the rest of the day. If not, here’s a dancing potted plant.

he is groot

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. It’s fairly common for magazine ads and catalogues to end up with extra hands, legs, women that literally have two left feet, etc. They have a habit of compiling multiple shots to create a single “perfect” image, no doubt on a deadline.

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