Remembering Internet Monk

Screenshot 2015-04-08 at 7.40.37 PMThe Internet Monk website is alive and well thanks to the efforts of Mike Mercer and some other talented individuals. This week marks 5 years since the passing of the original Internet Monk Michael Spencer. Whether your in the fan club camp or have no idea who I’m talking about, check out this collection of Michael Spencer quotes from the iMonk archives. If you still want some more, check out Internet Monk every Sunday for a series of “Sundays with Michael Spencer.”

True story – I came to the back door of the faculty dining hall at Oneida Baptist Institute. It was my first year teaching and I wouldn’t have a key to that door for another year. I knocked on the door, banged on the glass, waved my hands over my head. I could have sworn a couple of people looked right at me and continued eating. After walking around the building I relayed my story in a very animated fashion. Michael Spencer stopped eating just long enough to say “If you want a friend in Oneida, get a dog.”

Michael and I went on to become great friends; but we also got a dog because we were new and I didn’t know if that advice was sarcasm or not.

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