Ray Lewis Speaks to Baltimore

Screenshot 2015-05-01 at 8.36.10 PMRay Lewis spent his entire 17 year NFL career playing for the Baltimore Ravens. Even though he is retired, he remains highly respected in Baltimore. More than respected he’s practically an institution or perhaps royalty. It’s like Michael Jordan in Chicago or Hank Aaron in Atlanta (depending on which era you grew up in).

Ray Lewis returned to Baltimore, Maryland yesterday to talk to elementary and high school students specifically and the city and it’s people at large. He and coach Harbaugh meet with the high school football team and spoke to the student body. Like many others his message to the protesters was “Go home.” I watched his speech live. What got my attention was this statement: Life is about God, family and love. I couldn’t help but notice that Ray Lewis was invited and not, say, Kanye West. But that’s none of my business.

“Life is about God, family and love.” He said it, CNN broadcast it, and nobody got their panties in a wad over separation of church and state. Not at a time like this with all that is going on in Baltimore. That mom has been retweeted, reblogged and reposted a million times slapping her kid upside the head. A month ago she would have been arrested, as it is she’s up for Mom of the Year. The governor of Maryland went as far as to say we need more parents doing the same.


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