rss-buttonIf you are a regular visitor you may notice the Other Blog RSS feed is missing in the left-hand sidebar. It’s not missing so much as it’s been replaced with a feed from Unity Baptist Church. Between this blog and managing the church website there will be very little going on at My Other Blog. Most of the posts on the church site are sermons that I’ve put up, so instead of posting them here as blog posts (which I’ve been doing for years) I’m just plugging in an RSS feeder. Happy Monday, devotional posts and the occasional Christian news item will be posted to The Master’s Table. Sermons will be posted on the church’s website and linked to in the sidebar. Just FYI.


One thought on “unitybaptist.church

  1. If you click a link in the feeder the URL will read something like “plainvilleunitybaptistchurch.wordpress.com/ post title” because it’s a wordpress hosted site. You can also visit unitybaptist.church and view the same content. unitybaptist.church is the address we promote because it’s clean and simple. For those of you that know what a frame redirect is, that’s what we’re doing there.

    For those of you that don’t know what a frame redirect is, that’s pretty cool huh?

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