Happy Monday

thank you

Today is Memorial Day, a day we remember and honor the servicemen and women that have gone but whose legacy is our American heritage. Many have a three day weekend, the first unofficial weekend of summer, while for many others it’s just Monday. We decided a long time ago that Happy Monday runs every Monday and you can look it up as needed. So whether you’re grilling brats or pulling a double shift, have a Happy Monday and God bless America.

1 Tim 2 5

Phil 1 6 NLT



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Billy, age 6, stared at the framed photographs in a memorial section of the church lobby. “Who are all these people” he asked the pastor when he came by. “Those are members of our church who died in the service.” Billy was quite for a long time, then finally asked “Which one, the 8:30 or the 11 o’clock?” 


I swear honey, all I’ve had for breakfast is fruit every morning this week. 


do be do be do

its okay



It looks like we ran a bit long this week. There’s still plenty of stuff in the folder, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a special Tuesday edition tomorrow. Happy Monday and peace out -Van Til.



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