Happy Monday

coffee plus dog

That’s a Monday sized cup right there.

Isaiah 26 4

john 3 16

Above: English Standard Version
Below: Yoda non-standard version

Yoda non-standard version


The Short Version Bible
aka, the Twitter Bible:

Short version Bible

welcome to my world


two pumpkins

puppies that love fall

It’s fall y’all! Click for 28 puppies and kittens who love fall. 

And have a Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. The Bible synopsis is called “The Twitter Bible” sort of tongue in cheek. Obviously the entire thing is more than 140 characters. So in my “research” I determined you could get to the middle of line 11 (between sea and divided) before you run out of characters. I also determined Pharaoh is spelled incorrectly, which I would not have noticed had I not tried typing it.

    Happy Tuesday!

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