Where’s All the Christmas Posts?

Christmas last supper (1)

In years past I have devoted the month of December to blogging nothing but Advent and Christmas. There have been a few of those in recent weeks. One reason I have been posting fewer things on The Master’s Table is that I’ve been posting in other places, such as my church’s website. So if you’re looking for more stuff, let me suggest the following.

  1. Go to unitybaptist.church and look click the Sermons tab and also the He Said/ She Said tabs. The first two Advent sermons are up with #3 on it’s way this weekend. He Said/ She Said is a weekly newspaper column that I write for (those are posted on a one week delay)
  2. In the left-hand side bar scroll down to a list of Categories. Advent/Christmas is at the top of the list. That will list, from most recent backwards, every post in that category. For simplicity’s sake click here, but for future reference…


Unrelated note: I wanted to create a numbered list but not automatically formatted like the one above. If I typed 1, a period, then press space bar it automatically formatted the numbered list. If I tried to use a close parenthesis after the number one it did the same thing, indenting the line and changing my parenthesis to a period. Would some skilled WordPress user please tell me how to turn that off? Please and thank you.

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