Everything that has Breath…

Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 7.27.59 PMThe 150th Psalm lists several musical instruments then declares “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” But are drums welcome in your sanctuary, or what about that kid that thinks he can play the tambourine? People are still entitled to their opinion, and Thom Rainer has poked the hornet’s nest. His post Five Favorite and Five Least Favorite Musical Instruments Used in Worship Services is exactly what it sounds like.

It was just a Twitter poll, so not only do we not know how many responded I suggest certain church goers are on Twitter and others not so much. The church organ is actually on both lists! He includes a bonus list of “one vote wonders,” those instruments mentioned by only one person, both for and against.

I didn’t even think about sharing until Rainer’s last observation: “I bet this discussion will be fun.” Please read his original post at thomrainer.com and join the fun!

One thought on “Everything that has Breath…

  1. I doubt if the Lord has any problem with the use of drums and other so called least favourite musical instruments as long as they make a joyful noise to Him. The choices on both sides prove how humans can be so picky!

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