Book Review: Nearing Home

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Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well by Billy Graham 

When I write a book review, it’s usually because someone sent me a review copy and they are looking for bloggers to get their title out there in front of a larger audience. Neither Billy Graham nor Thomas Nelson Publishers need me to review this book; it is already a New York Times Best Seller. But I was given a copy by a friend in real life as a Christmas gift and since I enjoyed it will offer a review because you, my reader, may find you enjoy it as well.

Billy Graham never expected to live long enough to grow old. As a result, he never prepared for old age and one purpose for this book is to caution younger readers to not make those same mistake. He quotes an unknown source that wrote “Plan for the golden years. You may get to experience them.” To the younger audience he advises planning and preparation before it’s too late and to the older audience, perhaps the most likely audience for this volume, he offers encouragement. He points to many examples in scripture and from his own friends, family and co-workers that you are never too old to do something for the Kingdom of God.

God has a purpose for every stage of life. If there was no purpose for a person to be here, God would bring them home. Graham himself was nearly 92 when the book was written in 2011, meaning that we will soon turn 97 in 2016. He found it was necessary to quit preaching but warns against spending the working years with no other goals than retiring. Some people retire only find themselves bored or without purpose. There is also a danger in working too long, and he shares a couple of examples of what can happen in that case as well.

The book is written from the perspective of one that is nearly done with this world but contains truths that can benefit anyone of any age. He lists gifts given to each of us by God and encourages us, at any age, to use them. He talks about Heaven and lists things that we can not only know but be certain of. And of course it’s Billy Graham, so he urges any reader that has not yet put his faith in Jesus Christ to do so.

The book is 181 pages and the print is fairly large. I found it to be an easy read but also informative and instructive. Graham speaks with the voice of experience in a way that anyone can understand. I recommend this book, perhaps as a gift to a parent, grandparent or church member that is disheartened by the limitations brought on by age. Which is not to say that if you’re under the age of 65 you should not read it.

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