Happy Monday


A little coffee and a lot of Jesus… or copious amounts of both.
Whatever it takes, right?

Psalms 30 5

Gal 6 2

running away

limited time offer

Jesus 2016Click to view larger.


before light bulbs

seen things

And finally – I didn’t forget about the Superbowl, just decided not to lead in with it. Carolina Panther fans deserve a fresh start on Monday morning as much as the rest of us, and if this was the first thing they saw they would have probably clicked away.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 at 10.27.41 PM

Congrats Broncos. And congrats Peyton Manning on 2 Super Bowl rings. He’s played in the NFL so long he pretty much holds every QB record there is. Please retire old man, come on. There is nowhere to go from here but down.

Have a Happy Monday!


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