Meanwhile in California…

Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 11.29.59 AMEarlier this week, The Christian Index hosted a discussion of sorts about America being a “Christian nation.” Christians who responded were split over whether America used to be a Christian nation and no longer is vs. those who felt America never was a Christian nation to begin with. Very few argued that it still is today.

Meanwhile, California is about to become the first state to do away with religious/ faith-based education at the college level. If passed as is, SB 1146 would limit religious education to seminaries. Church affiliated schools, or colleges and universities that apply Christian principles to all areas of life, would be restricted from doing so with all students except those preparing for vocational ministry.

Please read this article by Ed Stetzer and Marty Duren via Christianity Today. This is one of those issues that could drag on through the court system for years to come, but we currently have an aging Supreme Court that’s already short one member and a presidential election coming up that could dramatically alter its balance of power. Who knows what the long term implications of this state legislation could be?

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in California…

  1. I’m Christian, but I’m still supportive of SB 1146. Decades ago when I was seeking a medical education, Loma Linda University (Seventh Day Adventist) was the only 4-year institution in my area. I was poor and didn’t own a car to drive to Los Angeles, where other schools were. To be admitted, they required all sorts of assurances, letters from mentors etc. that would all assert that my joining the medical school was specifically in order to further the mission of Jesus Christ. One of my mentors (a close friend) was a Jewish Psychiatrist, and he took offense, writing them a scathing letter about their requirements. Needless to say, I didn’t get in, and had to attend trade schools and pay about six times more money to get licensed as an imaging specialist instead.

    I didn’t want to attend the university to get a religious credential. They shouldn’t have been allowed to discriminate against me for not being Christian “enough” (in their view) to learn medicine. SB 1146 would have prevented the financial hardships that forced me to accept a lower credential. I did become a Radiologic Technologist, and had a fulfilling career, but I will always know I might instead have become a primary care physician. It’s still service to humanity and God, but I retain a certain sensitivity and irritation about dealing with Pharisees.

  2. If SB 1146 had been in place decades ago, the Adventist Church would not have built Loma Linda University and there still may not have been such a school in your area. If you want to hold a grudge against the Adventists that’s your business.

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