Happy Monday

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Good morning family, friends, fans and lurkers.
This is Happy Monday post #200!

Happy Monday is not what it used to be. Take a look back at post #2 dated July 30, 2012.

The purpose of Happy Monday is to be encouraging, uplifting, and remind everyone to be thankful; Monday is the beginning of a new week, not just the end of your weekend. -Why Happy Monday? Aug. 20, 2012

The post What is Happy Monday offers insight into the original stated purpose.

By post #16 it was getting there; a few pics, scriptures, but no news items. (But very short!)

By January 2013 Happy Monday was taking the familiar form we have come to know and love (but still too short) as evidenced by post #22. 

Van Til came on board as editor, focusing most of his time and attention on our Monday feature. Happy Monday #100 was the first Van Til authored post and he’s been doing them ever since. I find it hard to believe that was two years ago!

Where would Happy Monday be without coffee pics and Bible quotes? We have produced a few “special editions” over the years to recognize some heavy hitters:

Click image for "Coffee Drinkers Edition"

Click image for “Coffee Drinkers Edition”

Click image for "Read the Bible" special edition

Click image for “Read the Bible” special edition

Click image for "Geek Week" featuring Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who

Click image for “Geek Week” featuring Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who


Hopefully we have made a few people smile over the years and maybe given you something to look forward to on Monday morning. Now that I’m pastoring and working full time and raising a family, there are many weeks that no other blog posts get published. Special thanks to Paul, Angie, and to every faithful follower that may or may not have spoken up over the years.

Thank you Happy Monday truck

Thank you Happy Monday truck

From our family to yours, peace, God bless, and have a Happy Monday! 

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