Book Review: Parenting Without Regret

parentingI know what some of you must be thinking by now: Clark Bunch lauds the praises of every book he reviews. Between pastoring, seminary classes, raising a family and so forth I don’t have a lot of “extra time” for reviewing books. The truth of the matter is that I’m very selective. If the title or short description seems New Agey, short on theology or otherwise flaky, I don’t accept that book for review. With very few exceptions, the books I have chosen to review on The Master’s Table are ones that I expected to get something out of and would have enjoyed anyway. I’m not a professional reviewer and don’t waste my time reading books I don’t like.

Parenting Without Regret by Jimmy and Laura Seibert is one of the few parenting books I have ever read. I studied education in college and took educational development and psychology of education as a matter of course. A lot of what I know and practice when it comes to parenting I learned from my parents. Teresa and I are something of a minority group; we came from happy, functional families and our parents stayed together many years. I wasn’t certain that the Seiberts would have anything to offer but they certainly did. Parenting Without Regret did not disappoint and I can recommend it without reservation.

Jimmy and Laura Seibert have raised four children of their own and they share their life experiences for the reader’s benefit. While the book is “co-authored” they actually take turns relating their first hand point of views. The book is sprinkled with good theology and plenty of Bible verses, and not just from Ephesians 6. The intended audience is Christian couples who wish to grow a God-honoring, Christ-centered home. Only by seeking out Christian parenting advice will you learn about how to pray for your kids. Chapter titles include “Teaching Them to Follow Jesus” and “The Church Community.”

The Seiberts don’t make any promises or sell a program guaranteed to produce results. They are at a certain point along their journey and share practical advice and spiritual wisdom for others on the same journey. Their advice to live within your means isn’t theoretical; they saved for college and budgeted for family vacations. They were church planters, not corporate bankers or CEO’s. The advice they offer about teaching work ethic and knowing who your kid’s friends are has been tested and proven in the real world. They convey in a very personal, conversational manner what has worked for them. And they don’t have testimonials from satisfied customers or offer a money back guarantee; they have faith in a God that loves his children and offers grace that surpasses understanding. Yes they have written a book but it goes again and again to the Word of God and they encourage all of us to do the same.

The Parenting Without Regret  website has ordering information, an interview with the authors and more. Also available on Amazon and ChristianBook.comFollow Jimmy Seibert on Twitter.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR,Part 255.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Parenting Without Regret

  1. From your review, it sounds like a great and valuable book! it is so nice to read an uplifting post like this one. With all the turmoil going on in the US and the world these days, life can cause us to be sad, depressed, and fearful. Keeping our eyes on Christ helps alleviate such feelings.

    Raising children today must be more difficult than ever before. Our daughter is celebrating her 29th BD today, and our son recently turned 32.

    Our two young adult children are married to wonderful spouses, and our daughter and her husband have a 9 month old baby girl. She has chosen to be a “stay at home” mom like I was, and she left her career in PR to raise her daughter. She often tells me how much she appreciated me always “being there” when she got sick at school or drenched in the rain and I could be there right away to take her home or just to bring her dry clothes.

    We thank God that my husband (33 years married), who was in the corporate world prior to retiring, was able to enable me to stay at home with our children. Not all families are fortunate enough to do that. Our family is very close and we love the Lord Jesus Christ. Going to church, Bible reading, AWANA classes and firm commitment to Christ were all crucial to our child rearing. Whenever our kids got into trouble (very minor incidences), just the disappointment on our faces was often enough to turn them around. When my daughter was seeing a “bad” kid in her teen years, I reached the point of getting on my knees and giving it all to Jesus… and miraculously (like – the next day!) she admitted to me that I was right about him and she stopped seeing him behind our backs!

    Most of all, being Christ-centered in our home made all the difference! As a mom, praying for my children (and granddaughter) is an ongoing practice. I see each protection prayer (e.g. when on plane flights etc.) asked, and then answered, as a yes answer to prayer! I never take prayers for protection for granted! Prayers for loving spouses have been answered. Many, many more prayers (many health related) have been answered too. My dad accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior just 4 months before his death from asbestos lung cancer is another example of answered prayer. Of course, sometimes God’s wisdom, which is light-years higher than man’s wisdom, allows prayers to go unanswered. Even then, I know that His ultimate plan is in the works and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

    Apologize for getting a bit off topic. But your review of the parenting book reminded me of all I have to be grateful for in our family! The craziness and corruption going on in the world fades away when I focus on Jesus, His Word, and the leading of the Holy Spirit!

    God bless you, Clark! May your family and ministry continue to be blessed by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

  2. Yep. I live outside the U.S. Believe me, parenting here even among Christians has turned to nightmares. Too lengthy to explain but there is an insidious spirit working against parenthood down here

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