Happy Monday

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 8.19.10 AM

We have a house guest that doesn’t drink coffee. I said “So the people from your planet look like humans but don’t eat and drink the same things? Or is this like a disguise?” Turns out she grew up in England where they drink tea for breakfast. Different planet, look human, got it. 😉 Welcome to Happy Monday. 

Screenshot 2017-03-16 at 7.24.15 AM

Click Coffee with Jesus to view image full size.

Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 7.33.02 AM

We’re a little overstocked on these right now, have another on the house.

Screenshot 2017-02-28 at 5.39.37 AM

The Jeopardy game I’d like to play: 


She asked for a golden retriever:

golden retriever - Edited


Screenshot 2017-03-15 at 9.22.15 PM

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 8.20.20 AM

Screenshot 2016-07-27 at 12.45.34 PM

Have a Happy Monday! 



2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. My coffee consumption consists of a few sips of my wife’s in restaurants to wash down dessert. When the Great Invasion happens and they take away the coffee, I alone will still be sane and rational and able to defend us and feed the Golden Retrievers.

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