Happy Monday

You are not imagining things. Last week, with no announcement or explanation of any kind, there was no Happy Monday post. I had been using my laptop with a broken screen for several days and over that weekend it finally bit the big one. Can’t say right now when it will get replaced. Here is a Happy Monday post from July 20, 2015. Hang in there, we’ll all get through this together.


What we all look like watching Wimbledon. Maybe it’s just me. Let’s get happy!

Christ centeredAll the time

Click image for larger.

doesn't work like that

If only it worked that way.


talking numberswhy you do thatclosed

And finally, remember this “selfie” pic from last week?


Turns out it’s photo-shopped from this:

selfie 2

There would be several problems with taking a selfie from the cockpit of a jet in flight, starting with what would happen if you opened a window and depressurized the aircraft.

And yet there’s a guy that looks to be enjoying his job. Assuming he still has said job. May we all enjoy what we’re doing today as much as this guy.

God bless, and have a Happy Monday! 


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