My thoughts on Disney

Screenshot 2018-05-02 at 10.16.11 AMMy thoughts on Disney, for what it’s worth. Disney is not only a secular institution it is a business. They produce a multitude of entertainment products. I was never fully sold on the SBC boycott of all things Disney back in the 90’s, and that’s when I was young and foolish. There is so much filth and violence on t.v. and the big screen that children shouldn’t see or hear that it was a tough call for families to ignore the billion dollar entertainment giant cranking out the movies, shows, characters and songs that all children love.

So now Disney is selling rainbow ear hats, what with gay pride day coming up and what not. It’s a business. It’s a corporation. They anticipate consumer demand and offer products for sale they think people will buy. I predict high sales volume for rainbow ears. Disney is not a church, not a religious organization, they are not elected officials that represent me or anyone else. If you don’t want to buy a funny hat, don’t buy one. But when The Incredibles 2 comes out I will take my daughter Johannah to see it, just like my wife and I will see the Han Solo movie later this month.

I eat at Chick-fil-A because the food is awesome. If the food was so-so or gave me food poisoning twice a year, then I wouldn’t go back no matter who owned it or what their corporate mission statement promoted. There are gay people that won’t set foot in one as a matter of principle but, guess what, some gay guys think Chick-fil-A is awesome too. They go for the chicken and not to make a political or social statement. We cannot win and perhaps should not fight the culture war. Preaching the cross is foolishness. Ranting about Disney producing and selling merchandise that you’re not interesting in buying is a whole other kind of foolishness, and not one that I can see relating to the Gospel.

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