Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad

The dad joke. We all grew up with them but only in recent years has that became an actually term. We can probably credit Twitter and Facebook hash tags for adding to our vocabulary nomenclature we never realized we needed. Father’s Day is coming up and I’m here to speak out in defense of the dad joke.

Dad jokes are usually accompanied by moans and eye rolls. But let’s be honest about what is really going on here. Young married couples don’t make dry puns and tell jokes rated for elementary school kids. Adult males with a well developed vocabulary and the wisdom that comes from age and experience don’t just wake up one day and suddenly find one liners and puns hilarious. The reason they are called dad jokes is they are told by fathers with small children (and perhaps into teenage years and beyond once they become associated with their persona). The real reason for dad jokes is that the fathers of young children are trying to communicate on a level that children can appreciate. If a dad tells dad jokes it is so he can relate to his children on a level that is appropriate and his children can understand. Jokes that adults would find funny will either be inappropriate or over a child’s head. The very fact that a dad tells dad jokes shows that he is involved as a parent.

Dad jokes are a good thing. Not because you and I find them funny but because that’s what good dads do. They play an active role in the life of their children. There is not enough of that in the world anymore and we need to encourage it when we can.

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