Why Preach the Gospel?

In my own denomination 75 churches each week close for good. The attrition rate among pastors is staggering. According to LifeWay research (link) it may not be 1,500 a month walking away from the ministry but on average 250 each month do. The culture we live in has changed. Just a generation or two ago a local politician, think city council or school board member, was expected to be active in a local church in order to be considered a member of the community. Church attendance is no longer looked to as a metric and being outspoken about one’s faith may be a strike against a candidate. The rights to religious expression are challenged with increasing frequency, not just in the public arena but in homes and other private property.

So why preach the Gospel? If people don’t want to hear, if even church congregations would rather sing along to praise & worship bands or watch Christian movies, if the tide of culture and society could eventually make sharing ones faith illegal, why continue? With so many cons are there still any pros?

I have written three posts to defend continuing to defend the faith. People need the Gospel whether they realize it or not. There are many called but few are chosen. If you have started down the path let me encourage you to not turn back now or ever. Share, teach, preach and live the Gospel life because:

The Gospel is Good News

We are Sent

Christians Need the Gospel



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