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Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 10.13.55 AMUpdate: Issued resolved, links have been restored.

I’m having a bit of a tiff with Facebook. It’s probably not enough to make me give it up for good but at this time I am unable to post links to this blog. I always link new blogs on the Mater’s Table Facebook page and occasionally, though not very often, link from my personal Facebook profile. I was hoping to spread a little Happy Monday cheer but Facebook rejected the post and claimed it violated their community standards on spam. They also removed all links to this blog from the Master’s Table FB page. That page has 178 followers. It was created for several reasons but perhaps the biggest thing at the time was so that I could post links each time a new blog post was up without constantly irritating my Facebook friends. Every new blog post was linked from the FB page and like I say only occasionally from my own profile. Currently the only links on the Master’s Table FB page are to Paul Wilkinson’s Wednesday Connect posts.

Facebook is reviewing my post to see if it does indeed violate their community standards. Whatever their decision, if there is one, I don’t even know if the issue with The Master’s Table FB page can be submitted for review. If that page cannot be restored to functionality it will be deleted. If you are reading this post right now you obviously found your way here somehow, either through a website visit, email subscription, blog reader, etc. You certainly didn’t follow a link on Facebook so all of this information may be irrelevant to you personally. For the record my wife tried to post a link to Happy Monday and it wouldn’t let her either. Facebook hasn’t blacklisted me but they are treating this WordPress blog like something malicious.

The irony, at least as I see it, is that the vast majority of my friends in real life as well as on Facebook are pastors, youth leaders, music ministers or otherwise involved with vocational or volunteer ministry. My friends, social media contacts and colleagues from “work” are church people. They teach Bible studies, attend Christian conferences, listen to Gospel/Christian music, serve on the mission field, and so forth. We all enjoy the same things. My friends on Facebook are not offended by expressions of Christianity, including Bible verses, inspirational sayings, webcomics and the other fun things that make up Happy Monday. If so they blocked my Facebook posts a long time ago.

So the Master’s Table FB page is probably going away. Truth be told I don’t blog like I used to; few people do. There was a time I posted 3 or 4 times a week and actively worked toward driving traffic and attracting viewers. If I ever find myself not pastoring a church I may return to blogging religion and theology as a way of getting it all out of my system. Between preaching, pastoring, raising a family and my outlets on Facebook and Twitter cranking out blog posts does not seem as important as it used to. Nor do I wish to give it up entirely. So if nothing else I’ll see you on Monday 😉

Peace and God bless.

2 thoughts on “The Master’s Table Facebook Page

  1. Just post what you want to post and leave it at that. Are ppl really irritated or do you just think they are irritated by posting full items? Facebook is going to do what Facebook does so ride the wild surf until the end. You’ll be fine.

  2. Purging Lutheran: I don’t think people are irritated, Facebook isn’t even claiming people are irritated. My post containing the link was identified as spam to prevent anyone receiving the message from being irritated. But I’ve been sharing links via Facebook for over 10 years. I don’t know what suddenly changed but I can’t link to my blog, my wife can’t either, and all of the links were removed from the Master’s Table Facebook page. All of the Wednesday Connect links that were let up, though, are also to a blog. So it’s not just WordPress across the board, there is something about my blog FB doesn’t like.

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