Hindsight Being What It Is

Last month I tried to start something new, a weekend wrap-up of the week’s events. It was a combination of things I had blogged and events from real life that never made it into blog posts. I could not land on a title I liked and went with Doubletake because I needed something. I predicted that post would either become a regular feature or be the one and only. I would still like to pursue that concept but the title still needs work. And since we haven’t posted anything but Happy Monday there are no blog posts to recap.

IRL I have been catching up on what should be routine auto maintenance. I have recently replaced brake pads and rotors on our Chevy HHR. I have also replaced one brake caliper, spark plugs, engine air filter, changed the oil, oil filter, replaced the serpentine belt and bought four new tires. I can’t say for sure how many miles the belt had on it but I am certain it was at least 164,000 miles over the past four years. I have the top and bottom radiator hoses and new Dexcool but haven’t got to that job yet. Maybe this weekend.

That’s my handwriting, I guess I’ll take my word for it.

My wife’s family is spread across the east coast, mostly in Pennsylvania and Virginia. We spent a few days out of the Deep South last week visiting her family, my in-laws. Without getting into specifics please pray for my wife’s parents. It’s all doctors and tests right now. On the upside Johannah got to spend a few days with a cousin she doesn’t see very often:

At Government Island. Google it.

The Southern Baptist Convention met last week in Birmingham, AL. Steps were taken to acknowledge the past cover-up of sexual abuse and prevent abuse from being ignored in the future. While some have been critical the process moves too slowly this may be the first progress on this issue at the national SBC level. It’s a first step in the right direction and we will keep taking steps until we get there. Here is the link I shared earlier in the week of a good wrap up of this year’s events.

SBC Messengers in Birmingham. Next year’s annual meeting will be in Orlando.

My family spent Father’s Day on the road but I was treated to a very nice dinner Sunday evening at Western Sizlin. Fun fact about Father’s Day coming up Monday morning. There is pretty much only one nation in the world that doesn’t have it, one that you might think would.  

Vacation Bible School season is upon us. There have already been several and we’re hearing good reports. We are attending a VBS kick-off tomorrow evening at one of our sister churches just up the street.

I’m meeting early in the morning to open our church for an amateur radio club. Yes, those are still around. They will be preparing in the event of an emergency. Natural (or manmade) disasters could interrupt the power grid and the cellular network we rely on may not be available. During such an event amateur radio may still be the best way to communicate news and other instructions. I’m curious to see how many kids show up at 7 o’clock in the a.m.

I guess that’ll do us for now. I’ll leave you with this pic of Van Til on his recent time off. He’s such a good dog.

3 thoughts on “Hindsight Being What It Is

  1. Some of the same guys from the amateur radio group are also involved in Boy Scouts so I thought it would be a few adults and a bunch of kids. It was mostly grey haired men 50+. I’ll have a few pics in a post later.

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