I Dropped the Ball

I would never intentionally lie especially in print where my words could be copied, pasted and used against me. So two things have come to my attention that I said I was going to do then immediately forgot about.

1. Father’s Day was last week. Tuvia Pollack shared an interesting fact on Twitter the next day that I meant to be included in Happy Monday. I asked his permission then mentioned on Saturday that it would be. So here it is:

Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 6.32.56 AMFather Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham. But there is no Father’s Day in Israel. They recycled Mother’s Day into Family Day. I found it interesting.

2. The Cherokee Capital Amateur Radio Society spent their field day at Unity Baptist in Plainville on Saturday. They set up generators, radio antennas, pulled cables and put in a full day. They arrived at 7 am and pulled out at 11 pm. During a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tornado, regular communication systems could be disrupted if the power grid went down. It is conceivable in this day and age that hackers or terrorists could bring down communication networks. There are thousands of amateur radio operators across the country that would be our best line of defense against a lack of news, information and instructions. Below are a few pics that I took that day. Google amateur radio and look for groups local to your area. Here is a link to the National Association for Amateur Radio.


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