Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 3.09.16 PMThe Master’s Table is not monetized and we do not run any ads whatsoever. I have inserted a disclaimer a time or two at the bottom of Happy Monday that states any ads seen were not placed by Mast Tab nor do we receive revenue from such. This blog is hosted by WordPress for free and they occasionally, as I understand it, run ads which is how they make their money.

I looked at Happy Monday this morning on my phone and came to a realization. There were ads placed in between pics in the body of the article. I apologize to regular followers, if there any who fit this category, who use their phones exclusively to access the internet. I was an adult before ever owning a computer at home and still use a laptop for most things; reading, writing, paying bills, viewing social media including blog posts. I might listen to a podcast with my phone but don’t do all the other stuff the kids are these days. I must have gotten old when I wasn’t looking.

The church pays a small annual fee to remove ads from Unity Baptist .Church which runs on this same platform. I believe that creates a more professional look and feel. This is my personal blog; it doesn’t make money nor do I spend any money on it. So while I apologize if you find the ads annoying, I’m am using a free service. Those ads pay the bills… for someone else. Just wanted to be clear with everyone.

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