I’ll Never Get It

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 3.53.22 PM
Shame on me for writing an ambiguous title. I’ll never get why Happy Monday post #125 is the most viewed of all time would have been a bit long. But seriously what is up with that?

Some people wander in every week after searching Google for the term Happy Monday. Maybe they are looking for something to brighten their day or maybe they have visited this site before and don’t know how to get back. No big deal, I’m glad search engines bring in traffic. A little over a year ago I noticed that some posts that were years old were viewed more times than the most current one each week. That’s when we started using numbers to identify them. It was April of 2018 that I wondered if using the same name every week for the past six years (now seven) was a problem. So in the introduction you get something like “This is Happy Monday #332” but that’s in the post and not the title. The title has remained unchanged since the summer of 2012.

On Monday afternoon around 3 pm I checked the stats. Sometimes weeks go by without my even looking but blogging is not what it used to be and sometimes I wonder. After being up for nine hours yesterday’s post was running 1 view behind Happy Monday #125. April of this year was that post’s best month every, 183 views. For a post that was published in 2015. There are not even any tags on that post. So… it is what it is. It’s good to see that things I post sometimes become popular. Sooner or later.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 3.52.18 PM

Stats by year, Happy Monday #125

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