Book Review: The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 7.38.01 PMMy first impression when the UPS driver handed me the box was that of a big heavy book. The dimensions are not particularly large but it is thick, a hardcover book coming in at over 1,500 pages. The cover is filled with illustrations and brightly colored to attract children’s attention and advertises over 750 images. The NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids leaves out many features that adults would find helpful, like center column references and footnotes on each page. The complete Bible text, in the New International Reader’s Version, is included but not too much other stuff. There are illustrations with captions on roughly every other page but verse numbers and superscript letters indicating footnotes can be a distraction to children. The format is single column so it looks a lot like a chapter book that elementary students are just being introduced to. The target demographic is 4 – 8 years of age but I’m hopeful my 10-year-old will be interested and give it some time and attention.


The NIrV, New International Reader’s Version, is written at a third grade reading level. Even when it’s not a Children’s Bible it is meant to be easily read and understood by those just learning to read, reading the Bible for the first time, or those reading in English as a second language. According to the title page, the text is set in the Zondervan NIV Typeface. Everything about this book is designed to make it easily understood by anyone with even a most basic grasp of the English language. The captioned illustrations, charts and kid-friendly maps make this volume especially suited to children. There is even a double-sided poster included that is high gloss and printed on very heavy material for durability. It features a map of biblical lands on one side and a family tree of Bible families on the other. Zonderkidz has created a beautiful product that children will be excited to receive.

20190815_183713When I consider a Bible translation there are a handful of passages I go to. I read the creation account on page 1. I read worship Psalms like 118 and the vision of God in Isaiah 6. I read several passages from the Gospel accounts, the first paragraph of Hebrews 1 and the description of New Jerusalem in Revelation 21. It is colorful and designed for children but this is a full Bible and not selected bedtime stories or morality tales. I would not hesitate to recommend this Bible for children up in the 4th or 5th grade. The NIrV The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids retails for $29.99 but you can find it online from a variety of retailers and a variety of prices. A portion of every Bible purchase helps Biblica translate and give Bibles to those in need around the world.  Here is the link to Zonderkidz so you can read more details and link to the online retailer of your choice.



Disclosure: I have written a fair and honest review after agreeing to receive a review copy at no cost as a Bible Gateway Blogger Grid member. The Master’s Table is a Bible Gateway Partner. 

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