Satur-deja Vu

I became aware of the Popeye’s vs. Chick-fil-A sandwich rivalry last Saturday. It was too late to make the Satur-deja Vu but the memes were fun while it lasted. So what really happened? Popeye’s did not run out of chicken. They had set up a line of supply they thought would satisfy demand, which they considered optimistic, through the end of September. The public response to the social media war surpassed all expectations and they were not prepared to meet that kind of demand. They never ran out of chicken but lines were long, shortages were widespread, and employees were working long hours and overtime in every location. Click here to read the real full story of how the decision made at the corporate office (in Miami by the way) to shut it down. It wasn’t as much of a decision as a realization.

Bibles will not be affected by tariffs. That was supposed to be the good news. Neither the first round of tariffs in September nor the second round later in December of this year would have affected the cost of printing Bibles in China. As it stands there may not be any further tariffs and the US and China may be sitting down to negotiate a resolution to the trade war. At this point we have to wait and see.

Jimmy’s place at the Table. A couple of weeks ago The Master’s Table and Jimmy’s Table shared the link love (does anybody say that anymore?) and followers of each were introduced to the other. Jimmy Humphrey is building an audience for his weekly podcast and offers one minute devotions a few times during the week. Like other bloggers over the years, such as Paul Wilkinson and for that matter Michael Spencer, Jimmy and I don’t agree on everything. One of my deacons was a WWII vet, Army, and he explained to me that another one of the deacons was a Marine Corps vet with a very take charge of the situation attitude. His assessment of their relationship was this: We sometimes disagreed but we disagreed agreeably. Jimmy’s latest podcast shares his views of guns and violence and to be fair, it’s an exposition on what he believes and not prescriptive of what you, I or anyone else should believe. He wants his listener to think without telling you what to think.

This week on The Master’s Table I shared what one could expect from me as a pastor and followed that up the next day with a few more thoughts that occurred to me afterword. I was hoping to start a discussion about expectations, both what our expectations are for pastors and ministry leaders and specific examples of when leaders went above and beyond those expectations. It’s not too late if you want to jump in there.

Many Georgia Baptists will focus on state missions during the month of September. The first full week of September will be our prayer focus on missionaries and ministries across the state and we will collect the annual Mission Georgia offering throughout the month. Let me put that on the back burner and focus our attention instead of the state of Florida. Hurricane Dorian has reached category 4 strength and is slowly heading toward central Florida. It may still vere to the north or south but will affect the entire eastern coast of Florida regardless. The new moon just a couple of days ago means high tides are already higher than usual and this will be the strongest storm to hit Florida since Andrew in 1992. Let’s pray for all those in the path of Dorian this weekend, and prepare for the emergency response and recovery phase that will soon follow.

The Atlanta Braves maintain their 5 1/2 game lead in the NL East and the Georgia Bulldogs begin their season tonight at Vandy. Fall is never going to be my favorite season of the year but counting down to the World Series and the return of college football give me something to look forward to.

In the event that Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns someday, we’re gonna leave you with Pastor Fred’s review. No, seriously, give this guy 5 minutes and enjoy the long weekend. Happy Labor Day, pray for Florida, Van Til and I will return next week.




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