Satur-deja Vu


I thought we would begin this week with a picture of Steve Hartman, back when he was the pastor of Windsor Spring Baptist Church in Hephzibah, GA.  Hephzibah was the wife of Hezekiah in 2nd Kings 21. Hephzibah, GA, is a suburb of Augusta near the Georgia-South Carolina state line. Oh yeah, the other people pictured above are Teresa and I who celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday. ❤

Trump map

Donald Trump made headlines this week by showing this map as he claimed Florida and Alabama were in the projected path of Hurricane Dorian. The headlines centered around the edit which seems to have been added by Sharpie marker. I only bring it up because after Trump claimed Alabama was in the danger zone the entire state seems to have evacuated itself clear off the map: 

Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 8.04.34 PM

Taco Bell will be simplifying its menu by removing several items and changing up some of the combo meals. I’m glad to see that three taco supremes will get it’s own combo number (as opposed to ordering three crunchy taco supremes and asking for soft instead). You have until September 12th to order these menu items which will be disappearing:

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 12.51.42 AM

Speaking of tacos, LeBron James is trying to copyright the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” Technically he if filing for a registered trademark. Fun fact: Taco Johns already owns a registered trademark on “Taco Tuesday” and have since 1989, in every US state except New Jersey. The law is a funny thing.

This week on The Master’s Table: I unpacked the backstory of why The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics is on my shelf, and talked about building a personal library in the process. There was a time I set out to build a large library of Christian books and reference materials; and then everything went online and physical bookstore chains started going out of business. Where do stand on actual books printed on paper? If you still read books, are you stockpiling them or reading them and then moving them along? I also republished a post from a few years on the Christian’s call to apologetics as opposed to fighting the culture war.

Screenshot 2019-09-07 at 9.11.44 AMSpeaking of books, I will post a review of Worship as Community Drama by Pierre Hegy one day this next week. Baptists don’t have a long and glorious history when it comes to liturgy but worship is a group activity. Even when a preacher is speaking to a congregation that is sitting and listening there is a group dynamic at work. Every wedding and funeral you have been to has elements of liturgy and ritual clearly visible. I think I can go ahead and recommend this book but look for a full review soon.


The Christian Index, the Georgia Baptist newspaper, has been strictly online and out of print for a few years. Their website has a new look after their redesign rolled out September 1st. The Master’s Table has links to things like Bible Gateway and Our Daily Bread and Christians of every flavor are welcome at the table. There is also no getting around the fact that I am an ordained Southern Baptist minister so my exposure will naturally be to more Baptist things than any other. The website has links to The Christian Index and Baptist Press and sometimes articles from those sources will be mentioned here.

The Braves have won the first two games in their series with the Washington Nationals so at the very least they will finish with an even split. They are presently a full 9 games in first place!

Hurricane Dorian missed the United States mainland for the most part but do continue in prayer for the Bahamas. The islands took the full brunt of Dorian as a category 5 storm that slowed to a crawl. The death toll is up to 43 and will probably continue to rise as rescue and recovery efforts continue. 70,000 have been left homeless.

I will be watching UGA play this afternoon and the Braves game tonight. I encourage you to find a place of worship tomorrow or worship in place. Pray for all those affected by Dorian, Van Til will be in Monday morning. And I will leave you with this…


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