The Christian Index Visits Heritage Baptist


Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 10.26.24 AMThe Christian Index, our Georgia Baptist newspaper, has an article today about Heritage Baptist Church. The reconstruction at Notre Dame is being followed around the world; Heritage is local to my home town of Calhoun, GA. Heritage Baptist is an active partner in the Gordon Memorial Baptist Association. I may have not mentioned it on this blog but friends IRL and on Facebook know that the sudden and expected death of Brent Davis rattled me a bit. Brent was the program director of our weekly ministers meeting in Calhoun. We had recently visited Heritage to hear Johnny Hunt. This was someone we knew we knew and worked with in a neighboring community. Brent was not a close friend and co-worker as Michael Spencer had been but was a fellow church pastor and passed at what I consider an early age, 51. I’m 43. And while I don’t have a history of heart problems I am medicated for high blood pressure and get the talk from my doctor about weight and cholesterol from time to time. Makes you stop and think, that’s all I’m saying.

The Christian Index story is not all about Brent Davis. The Index was at Heritage to document revival and church growth despite recently losing their pastor. Shane Parrott retired from his position with the local sheriff’s office to answer their call to pastor full time. He had been working with Brent and the folks at Heritage in an unofficial associate pastor position. I know blog readers are notorious for not clicking through to linked content. That’s why I went ahead and shared as much as I did before even asking. If you would, read North Georgia awakening coming from what is found, not what was lost via The Christian Index. It’s a fitting tribute to a faithful and fruitful pastor and a reminder that God is still at work in the world around us.

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