Satur-deja Vu

20191125_141651Watch too much Alton Brown and you too may find yourself taking selfies with vegetables. What really happened is that I cut up several different raw vegetables and put together a veggie platter. True story: a few years ago I was cutting up bell peppers, broccoli, cucumbers and baby carrots to make a similar tray for an event. My mother asked if people really ate raw bell peppers like that. I pointed out the round section in the middle of the empty plastic tray and told her that space was for a cup of ranch dressing. “People will eat rubber car tires if they can dip them in ranch dressing.” She said I was probably right.

Welcome to Saturday. Enjoy the Deja Vu.

Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 7.49.55 AM

Someone, somewhere, stacked these hay bales to look like Stonehenge. I call it “Hayhenge.” I hope they were working on their time and not someone else’s. Otherwise posted the pics online was probably not a good idea.

There is much to be thankful for. I’m looking back over the events of the past week and realize that everything was centered around Thanksgiving. The veggie tray I assembled was for light refreshments (or what I like to call finger food fellowship) after a Thanksgiving worship service. I am very pleased to be part of the Gordon County Christian Ministerial Alliance which is a long title for a group of church leaders that do things together. Imagine if Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Seventh Day Adventists and others came together for fundraising events and even – just think about it – worshipped together a few times each year? The Hunger Walk I mentioned was an Alliance event that raised money for local food banks. We have a Sunrise Service every Easter and a community worship service each year the week of Thanksgiving. We don’t ignore the differences in our history and theology but we work together by focusing on the one thing we have in common: saving faith in Jesus Christ. There are so many in our community that need to hear the Gospel and we believe we can do more working together than competing against each other.


For example: most of this Praise & Worship band is from World Harvest. The drummer is the minister of music from the local First United Methodist Church and the guitar player is Southern Baptist. That’s the kind of stuff that can only happen when your focus is on building the Kingdom rather than promoting your brand.


After worship Monday evening we shifted gears to preparing for Thanksgiving Day. No food pics here, we probably all ate the same stuff. Here’s a rare look at our special occasion dishes outside of the China cabinet and our dining room table being used as something other than the horizontal file cabinet. Pics or it didn’t happen. We had a small event this year with six adults and three children; in the past I have moved an eight foot folding table over from the church and used our table just for serving food. Like I said, there is much to be thankful for.


Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 8.21.44 AM

Black Friday: How did that go for you? It’s too early for this year’s numbers but each year fewer people line up at actual doors to get in and more people shop online. With new trends such as Cyber Monday and more specials beginning earlier to compete for your attention, there is less focus on the actual day-after-Thanksgiving shopping. I am pleased to announce that 95% of our Christmas shopping has been done for weeks. I am much more excited about Amazon Prime than camping out on a sidewalk or getting up at 4 am to push and shove through an overcrowded store. I went to Walmart one year on Thanksgiving Day when the store opened at 6 pm. Never again. Never… again.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 7.34.22 PM

That looks like Walmart but totally unrelated to my story.

This week on The Master’s Table: 

Happy Monday as usual; some Thanksgiving but other stuff as well.

Book Review: Jewish rabbi knows something about suffering.

Our Daily Bread now offers a daily video.

The first Sunday of Advent is coming up, I’ll probably have something to say about that next week. If you haven’t started decorating for Christmas you officially have my permission to do so. The Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn) and Clean, Good Old Fashioned Hate (UGA vs. Georgia Tech) are both this afternoon but I will not get to watch either game live. If you’re not into SEC football… well, I guess I don’t have anywhere to go with that. I’ve got that one friend that would rather watch hockey; you know who you are.

Enjoy your weekend. Peace and God bless.


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