Satur-deja Vu

Welcome to 2020! This is the first Deja Vu of 2020. We missed a couple of weekends at the end of 2019 but vacation is over and it’s time to get off on the good foot. put together a video highlighting some notable celebrity deaths of the past year. Kristoff St. John, Luke Perry, Doris Day, Tim Conway, Cameron Boyce, Toni Morrison, Ric Ocasek, Cokie Roberts, Diahann Carroll, and Caroll Spinney each get a 30 to 60 second highlight reel. The montage of images that follows features “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Carol Channing, Mason Lowe, James Ingram, Albert Finney, Frank Robinson, Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Tork, Katherine Helmond, Keith Flint, Ted Lindsay, Hal Blaine, Dick Dale, Jerrie Cobb, Nipsey Hussle, Earl Thomas Conley, Georgia Engel, John Havlicek, John Singleton, Peter Mayhew Peggy Lipton, I.M. Pei, Niki Lauda, Bart Starr, Leon Redbone, Leah Chase, Dr. John, Bushwick Bill, Edith Gonzalez, Gloria Vanderbilt, Desmond “Etika” Amofah, Beth Chapman, Tyler Skaggs, Lee Iacocca, Ross Perot, Rip Torn, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, John Paul Stevens, Rutger Hauer, Grant Thompson, Harley Race, Peter Fonda, David Koch, Jessi Combs, Valerie Harper, Carol Lynley, Camilo Sesto, Eddie Money, Suzanne Whang, Jose Jose, Jessye Norman, Ginger Baker, Rip Taylor, Alexei Leonov, Elijah Cummings, John Witherspoon, Michael J. Pollard, Rene Auberjonois, Juice WRLD, Marie Fredriksson and Danny Aiello.

I will admit that some of those surprised me because I had no idea and some of them made me think “Wow, I didn’t know he/she was still alive.”

This week on The Master’s Table: I don’t want to keep harping on New Year’s but Be It Resolved looks at why we feel compelled to make resolutions even when we know for a fact that we don’t stick to most of them.

UGA won the Sugarbowl 26 -14 over Baylor. I was pleased that Georgia showed up to play because in the past, to be honest, it seemed like they didn’t care if they weren’t in the big game. Every SEC team with a bowl invitation, with the exception of Auburn, won those games this week and now look for an LSU championship on January 13th.

Here’s an entry that has nothing to do with New Year’s. The Jeopardy Greatest of all Time championship series will begin Tuesday evening in prime time. Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and (Jeopardy James) Holzhauer will face each other in a best of seven series hosted by Alex Trebek on ABC.

What’s that you say? Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have past and now you can start losing that holiday weight? Hold on there cowboy. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! Your friends and co-workers with Girl Scouts at home will be giving you site links to pre-order and passing order forms around soon. Then in February the cookie booths will appear. Tagalongs are my favorite.

So that’s my review of this week as well as a few things to look forward to. I will be preaching an Epiphany sermon tomorrow morning. How many of you still have a tree up? Look for a new Happy Monday in about 48 hours from now. Enjoy the weekend and blog safely.


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