Satur-deja Vu

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Seeing is no longer believing. I know that used to be true. Today anyone can make a fake sign and even real news articles sometimes have misleading headlines when you see them on social media. Sometimes satire websites, such as Empire News or the Christian site Babylon Bee, publish articles that are confused for real news and then get shared without the disclaimers. Take everything with a grain of salt unless you can verify through multiple sources. “If knowledge is power, then the internet is filled with completely useless power.” -Abraham Lincoln


Who is Ken Jennings? Apparently the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy champions, that’s who. He was the first to collect 3 wins in a best of 7 tournament versus “Jeopardy James” Holzhauer and Brad “give me a break” Rutter. Holzhauer had a single win on day 2 of the series, Rutter seemed to enjoy being there. Each player got a short video reel, spread across the first three nights, recapping their previous history and their own personal reflections and aspirations. The whole event was filled with special little moments recognizing the 40 or so years Alex Trebek has hosted. (Trebek hosted two different two years stints of the show in the 70’s before it came back to stay in 1984.) Most people are aware that Trebek has been battling pancreatic cancer whether they watch the show or not. I think this tournament was as much for his benefit as anyone’s. Ken Jennings walked away with the purse, a cool million dollar cash prize, but each of the runners up also bank $250,000.

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Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner, that is what I really want to be. ‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer weiner, then everyone would be in love with me.

McDonald’s Golden Arches may be the most recognizable corporate symbol in the world but I would argue that in the United States just as many people know the Goodyear Blimp or the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile when they see one. The weather today may be a little iffy but our plans are to visit the Weinermobile at Kroger in Calhoun, GA today. If you’re in the northwest Georgia area it will also be in Rome tomorrow with better weather in the forecast. Every guest gets a weiner whistle!


I wish this post was longer but I have to get ready to leave. The sooner we get to see the Weinermobile the less likely we are to get caught out in the rain. Maybe a family selfie later. Enjoy your weekend in a good book or whatever it is you do (I walked the 10-year-old through making waffles this morning) and make sure to visit your church family.

Peace and God bless.

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