Valentine’s Hack: Lunch Date

A radio station was asking about Valentine plans yesterday and wanted to know if their listeners/social media followers preferred dining out or a quiet evening at home. I shared a little secret Mrs. Bunch and I discovered a few years ago, the Valentine’s Day lunch date.

We spent nine years in rural southeastern Kentucky. You didn’t just “run to the store” as one might do in an area with a Dollar General on every corner. It was a 30 minute drive to a regular Walmart store and 45 minutes to a Super Center. Trips to the grocery store, auto parts store or restaurant had to be planned out. You wanted to get everything done in one trip and not have to go back for a week or two. So on a Valentine’s Day 10 or 12 years we made our monthly trip to London, KY and ate lunch at a Chinese buffet. The restaurant was done up special for Valentine’s and they gave my wife a red rose as we left. The “crowd” was almost non-existent and we decided that was the way to do it.

Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 9.13.12 AM

This picture was taken more recently. We all stay pretty busy and try to make time for family but Teresa and I do very few things as a couple. For this lunch date the child was at school so there was no finding a sitter, picking up or dropping off. The crowds are always smaller at lunch and most places have cheaper prices compared to dinner. It may not work for everyone but the Valentine’s lunch date was an epiphany for us. Married 22 years, take it from some old pros.

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