Satur-deja Vu


I eat when I’m bored. Imagine the irony of eating candy that said so.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these pics and links this week, maybe not. The weekend is a good time to slow down and reflect. This is Satur-deja Vu.


So last Saturday morning I said we expected snow flurries followed by rain. We got 2 inches of snow that never did change over to rain, not in Plainville anyway. In a week’s time we had flooded roads and school closures, springlike weather, a snow day, and then more flooding that caused road closures and school cancellation. Interesting weather we’re having.


Did your broom stand by itself on broom day? If so it would also stand pretty much any other day of the year. But thank you internet for this diversion.


Dang sweetener packets telling me what to do again.


Africa Day 2020. I was unfamiliar with Africa Day until earlier this week. Nyakim Gatwech is a South Sudanese model recognized for having the darkest skin in the world. She has built quite a following on Instagram.

This week on The Master’s Table: 

Happy Monday did its Happy Monday thing.

I reviewed The Jesus Bible. Spoiler alert, I like it.

A Valentine’s Day post extolling the virtues of the lunch date.


Yes, as a matter of fact I did make heart-shaped cupcakes yesterday. Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting is my wife’s favorite and in this application gives you pink hearts.


Monday, February 17th, is Presidents’ Day. The banks and post office will be closed so you can spend the day as Washington and Lincoln intended, buying discount furniture before the store goes out of business.




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