Satur-deja Vu

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Yes I take the coronavirus pandemic seriously but humor is one way to process serious things. That moment it takes to process a punch line or understand a pun is a momentary challenge that the mind struggles to understand. Being clever and creative is a healthy way to deal with all this. So, we will try to be positive and upbeat in our review of this past week but honestly there is little else besides the pandemic on the news or in real life. If you have some good news or encouragement share in the comments but I’m not sure about covering a range of topics in this post.


I mentioned working for Kroger in yesterday’s post. The overtime hours are the result of panic shopping and hoarding but the company is good to its people as a matter of course. Our local store has been feeding its overworked employees during their breaks. It was cold cut sandwiches and chicken tenders one day, Little Caesars pizza the next. Every day this week there have been single serve bags of chips, granola bars and dessert things in the break room. I don’t know about every location but that’s what my store has been doing. All Kroger employees are getting a one time appreciation pay bonus in a couple of weeks. And as I mentioned, if you don’t know if or when you can return to work, Kroger is hiring.

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That’s our daughter Johannah at Dews Pond back in March of 2016. She is not in imminent danger, it’s all perspective. Share your spring pics! Going outside for a walk in the fresh air would be a good thing for mind, body and spirit. Sharing a .jpeg or .png file is perfectly safe.



Keep calm and carry on. Find a worship service to stream or download this weekend. See, it’s not so bad.


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