Satur-deja Vu

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Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter. Most Christians are familiar with those days. Depending on your faith tradition you may not know about the other days of Holy Week. Today is Holy Saturday, also known as the Great Sabbath, Easter Eve or Black Saturday. It is a time to reflect on the marks left on Jesus’s body. This is the day the disciples spent after Jesus was buried and before they were able to fully understand what he had said about resurrection. Here is a Coffee with Jesus strip from some years ago; I remember thinking they get it.

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I posted a Good Friday devotion yesterday titled A Seed Must Fall. Jesus explains, in the language of analogy, how his death will bear will bear fruit. I had forgotten about it but I wrote a post a few years ago with the same title but applied what Jesus said to Joseph going to Egypt and the events leading to the Exodus from Egypt.

Below is a video that sets scenes from The Bible to Hero, by Abandon.

I watched another video first, which used scenes from The Passion of the Christ. Some of those scenes are hard to watch. Here is a link if you would like. While the movie, or even scenes from it, may be hard to sit through because of the graphic violence, they still do not depict the reality of that day. Pilate had Jesus scourged because he thought that would satisfy the crowd’s thirst for blood. Criminals were not usually scourged and then crucified, so what Jesus suffered was worse than the others being crucified that day.

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In many of our paintings and images, a few drops of blood are shown dripping from his forehead. The Passion goes much farther but may still fall short of depicting the agonizing horror that one disciple and Jesus’s mother witnessed. Isaiah 52:14 suggests that his image and form were marred and disfigured more than any man. Some understand that to mean it was hard to tell by looking at him that he was a human being. When you think about what Jesus did, keep in mind that stained glass church windows are works of art and not necessarily historically accurate.

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. Here is a piece from 2016 that asks Is Jesus the sheep or the shepherd? The Bible is filled with images and symbols that help us understand. Jesus spoke in parables that put complex things in simple terms but at some point every analogy breaks down. Jesus is our great shepherd that loves the sheep. He is also the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Jesus is the door the sheep go through as well as bread, living water, the Word of God and many others. Each image gives us a little better understanding, a slightly more complete picture.  We need to keep pouring over the scriptures and asking the Holy Spirit to guide our understanding. Getting Jesus is the more important thing we can do in this lifetime.

Think on these things. Spend time with family this weekend but find quiet time alone, if possible, for prayer and scripture. Meditate; dwell on it. Here’s video from one year ago if you don’t can’t make it to a stream in the woods near you. Happy Easter my friends. Peace and God bless.

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