Satur-deja Vu

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Easily the funniest thing I have seen all week. If you don’t get the reference to The Princess Bride you need to watch that entire movie, right now, then come back and finish reading this blog post. It’s Saturday, everything’s shutdown, you’ve got time.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 7.51.47 PM

Release the Kraken! This is how you get guys interested in buying body wash, at least according to Old Spice. You need to give the products manly names like Bearglove and Krakengärd. Or maybe it’s just their way get to get younger men to buy Old Spice.


Neapolitan? No, turns out Bryers does not market a Neapolitan variety of ice cream. They do put vanilla, chocolate and strawberry in a box and call it… Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry. True story.

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Facebook friends or followers on Twitter may have seen this story but I don’t think it has been mentioned here. Back in March, as things began shutting down and the run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer became facts of life, I posted some thoughts off the top of my head asking what were the chances. Specifically, what were the chances that a part time job I took back in the fall would put me at the front lines of fighting a global pandemic? Scott Barkley, editor of The Christian Index, follows a number of news sources and keeps his ear to the ground by reading the blogs of Georgia pastors… including this one. After a telephone interview and some follow-up questions via Messenger he published this story to The Christian Index. If that picture were taken today I would be wearing a mask, now mandated by company policy.

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This is a different picture I chose not to submit for consideration. It’s a good picture –  a better view of my face and I don’t look quite as bald – but I’m standing under a giant sign that says “chicken.” I can’t talk about hazard pay and serving on the front lines of the global pandemic war and simultaneously label myself as chicken. That headline would have read “Church pastor takes ironic picture.”

This week on The Master’s Table: Different Sort of Easter recounts how so many things were different this year from what we have come to expect from Easter. No sunrise service or breakfast in the fellowship hall but instead of getting up extra early this year I stayed up really late. Normally we call off evening services and activities on Easter Sunday, to give families time to be together, but several southern states were hit Sunday by severe weather including hail and tornadoes. There were a total of nine people (and one dog) in our basement level fellowship hall Sunday night seeking shelter from the storm.

There may some good that comes out of all this, good being a highly subjective term. A little bit of struggle is good for us. I’ve said before that if churches are able to get out of the building and be the church in the community it will create relationships that perhaps draw new people in when the building is open again. Others have noticed families playing together in their own yards, couples taking walks and Americans becoming more self-reliant in a lot of ways. When something big affects us all we, collective we, realize that we are more alike than we are different. If nothing else, millions of parents will have a new understanding and appreciation for what teachers do every day.

Now for some random list things.

first mayor 1895

This is either the first mayor Calhoun, GA, circa 1895 or Bill Nye, Time Travel Guy. You be the judge.

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 11.46.49 AM

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 3.38.40 PM

Coffee with Jesus, from the good people at Radio Free Babylon. You will get more use out of the Facebook page or Twitter feed than the website.

Enjoy the weekend. Find ways to make each day not seem exactly the same. Get out of bed at the usual time for work and school. I still get dressed for church on Sunday morning, even though no one will actually see me there. Pray for each other, we’re all in this together.

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