Satur-deja Vu

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Silver linings – None of us would have chosen to live through a global pandemic at this time but there are some positive aspects to it. I wrote weeks ago that a little bit of struggle is good for us and managed to avoid using the cliche what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Families are not only spending time together some family members may have gotten to know each other for the first time. People are buying groceries and cooking at home. The slowdown of our economy is uncomfortable for some and extremely difficult for others but many have stepped up their levels of giving. Economic hardship has become an equalizing force that makes people realize we are more alike than we are different. Small companies that faced shutdown switched to make hand sanitizer or paper masks, many giving the product away and workers donating their time and labor. How many people, from politicians to celebrities, from corporate officials to health care workers, have you heard say we’re all in this together?

It will be good when families can come together and grandchildren can hug Grandma and Grandpa again. It will be good when churches can worship together in person and friends can sit together in a restaurant. Those are things we all miss. When we have those opportunities again, let’s not forget some of the new lessons we learned. We may have enjoyed those times together before, many will now see them as precious.

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I saw an ad for this Loch Ness Ladle in my Facebook news feed and showed it to my daughter. I would have thought “oh that’s adorable” and then kept scrolling. She thought it was adorable and wanted to order one. Whoops. I pointed out that she doesn’t even eat soup but my wife said it would also work in gravy. Well, you can’t order one only a set of three for $16.65. So I went to Amazon and ordered a set of three for $7 with free shipping from Amazon Prime.

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The online NFL draft makes real football more like Fantasy Football, which is normally an online game which simulates the real football draft. Life imitates art, or something like that. In other sports news…

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FOX Sports Southeast is going to rebroadcast the 1995 World Series. Atlanta Braves fans will remember that in 1995 the Braves played the Cleveland Indians and won in six games. The 1980’s had been a rough time for the Braves. Until the Georgia Dome was built in 1992, the Braves and Falcons shared Fulton County Stadium. Cable television mogul Ted Turner owned both TBS and the Braves franchise so his cable network carried pretty much every game. It would have been a sweet setup if the games were worth watching. The team typically finished in 5th or 6th place in their division despite a few bright spots, like Dale Murphy’s four straight Silver Slugger awards and five straight Golden Glove awards that decade. Then in 1991 they did a remarkable turnaround, having a literal worst to first season. After several division titles and a failed World Series shot against the Toronto Blue Jays, 1995 was their year.


If you were a Braves fan in the early 90’s then Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and Steve Avery were household names and real life superheroes. Greg Maddux was practically a god walking the earth with us mere mortals. Yes it’s a big deal and yes I will re-watch every game. If you’re not a Braves fan then no, I really don’t expect you to get it. Maybe you can cut your own hair that night or something.



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