National Day of Prayer


Today is the annual National Day of Prayer. In years past I would encourage you to find a group event and join them in person and in prayer. It should come as no surprise that this year things are different.

What’s not different is that we stand in need of prayer. The pandemic will be the focus of many people’s prayers today. Healing from illness and those hurting from economic downtown consume our thoughts. Let us also be intentional about giving thanks as well. Technology has made the world a smaller place keeping family members connected and providing a lifeline for churches. The balance of family, church and work has been disturbed and we have the opportunity to evaluate which activities are important as we return to normal in the future. The generosity of celebrities and small companies that employ five or ten people has inspired us.

The SBC has put together a prayer guide that focuses on seven “centers of influence.” The National Day of Prayer Task Force has a website and a broadcast scheduled for 8 to 10 pm EST. Whatever you watch or listen to today, let’s make use of the greatest resource we have available to us. Go to the throne of grace throughout the day. Pray for family, friends and neighbors down the street and around the world.

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