Satur-deja Vu

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I think I’ve conversations like that. I get to hear about their favorite movies, songs, things to do but when I ask about favorite foods I get “It’s a stuffed animal, it doesn’t really eat food Daddy.” Seems legit.


The 2019-2020 NBA season is tentatively set to resume July 31st. The current proposal would have 22 teams play 8 more regular season games to determine which teams make the playoffs. Atlanta Hawks, for example, had 20 wins and 47 losses when the season was shut down and had already been eliminated from playoff contention. The games would all be played in Florida with Walt Disney resorts hosting teams and no fans would be in attendance. For all the details click here. The page linked will continue to update as details are finalized.

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Major League Baseball is another story. Many of the NBA games had already been played when the pandemic crisis hit. The MLB season could start in early July, late July, or possibly not until August. There will be a 2020 season, at least some sources say, but how many games they will play is yet to be determined. So are a lot of things.

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I recently got a new pair of glasses. I’ve known for a couple of years my next glasses would be bifocals. I would pull my old ones down to the end of my nose like the little old lady librarians to read. I have a very strong prescription and now have a progressive bifocal but I’m loving them so far. I can read fine print, read anything in my hands for that matter without stretching my arms out, adjusting my glasses or simply looking over the tops of them. I passed my CDL physical on Thursday with 20/20 vision which I did not have last year. I was anxious about the exam and waited for the glasses to get here to schedule one.

When I told my daughter my vision tested at 20/20 said “In 2020?” Yes, I have 20/20 vision in 2020 although there’s not much this year any of us want to see.

This week on The Master’s Table I noted that racism, poverty and other social ills still plague us. I don’t think society can continue to improve to the point we reach perfection just like the individual person cannot in his or her own life. The goal for the Christian believer is to become Christ-like but that’s something we work towards but cannot fully realize in this lifetime. Click here to read all 1,100 words, if you haven’t already.

And now for something completely different.


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That story is a few years old but come on, that’s a headline you just don’t see everyday.

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That’s a hockey reference for my friend Jimmy Humphrey. I checked with him to make sure that was indeed ice hockey; I suspected as much but couldn’t know for sure.

It’s getting on in the afternoon, sorry the Deju Vu didn’t get out sooner. There’s always Sunday, those are good days for some lazy afternoon reading. Peace and God bless.




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