Satur-deja Vu


So what happened to the Deja Vu last week? I honestly can’t believe it myself. It was Saturday evening, getting kinda’ late actually, before I realized I had never posted one. Van Til’s Happy Monday post showed a plate of food with a pulled pork sandwich, highlighting the “corn dog” skewers because, you know. That’s what I spent my 4th of July doing. The pic above is half of the leftovers that I reheated for lunch on Sunday. That’s an 8 X 8 casserole dish, which contains just one half of what was left over and put away Saturday evening. I started at 4 a.m. and smoked a 7 lb. Boston Butt (also known as pork shoulder roast) for 14 hours. I cheated a little there at the end and it never did reach an internal temperature greater than 200 degrees. But it was delicious. I got a good deal at 99 cents/lb. but don’t know that it was worth the 14 hours of labor that went into it. I did post on Facebook though that for a day in 2020, last Saturday was pretty nice. We had cloud cover but no rain and my family spent the entire day outside.


A lot of restaurants are not going to make it through the pandemic. A month or two ago I saw a headline that one half of the Chinese restaurants in the United States had or would be closing for good. It was estimated that 25% of all eating establishments would never reopen and that was weeks ago. As businesses reopen and then close again we can’t really say for sure what the long term prognosis is for economic recovery and restaurants are always walking a fine line between earning a profit and closing shop. The margins are never excellent in any economy.

Shoney’s, Classic American Food. Shoney’s did quite a bit of downsizing a decade or more ago. Headquartered in Nashville, Shoney’s is well known across the South for casual, sit-down family dining. A lot of their business in recent years has come from their hot food bar, breakfast buffet and weekend seafood buffet. I took the picture above last week at the Shoney’s on Redbud Rd. in Calhoun. When I was a kid, and Calhoun was a smaller place than today, Shoney’s was just about the nicest place we had to eat. It’s where my parents would take their friends that came in from out of town. While many teens got their first job at McDonald’s, I worked part-time my senior year of high school at this Shoney’s location. Minimum wage was $3.25/hr in 1993. McD’s started new hires at $3.30, Shoney’s was paying $3.75. Mama didn’t raise dummies, plus I had a friend that already worked there. Up until the pandemic I was meeting a group of guys, sometimes as many as 40 or 50, for Christian Brotherhood once a month. We would all have the breakfast buffet and then hear a sermon. Yes, right there in the Shoney’s dining room. I guess the last one was in February and that will now become one of the stories I tell about the “good ‘ol days” before COVID-19.

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 8.02.56 AM

Yes, there really is a coin shortage. I have noticed where I live, I borrowed that pic from a friend’s Facebook page and don’t know where it was taken. The shortage is a circulation issue, caused by the fact that so many business were shut down or slowed down for the past three months. As things reopen, an iffy prospect that started then reversed again in some places, it will work itself naturally as the flow of money returns to normal. Neither the federal government, Illuminati, new world order or any other danged thing is trying to force us into a cashless society. There is oddly not a shortage of paper money, just coinage. We probably will live in a cashless society someday but a generation of folks that don’t know how their phones work will have to die off first. That’s kind of harsh, so I kind of apologize. That bogus nonsense circulating via social media is meant to pull at your heart strings, claiming that grandparents will not be able to slip a 10 or 20 into a child’s birthday card. Kids with birthdays already get gift cards for iTunes or money slipped into their PayPal accounts (or whatever) which they probably prefer to cash money because they have more use for digital currency.

Asking you to wear a mask does not violate your civil liberties, the coronavirus vaccine will not have  chip in it that gives you the mark of the Beast, and finally the world is not flat. Okay, feels good to get all that out.

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 6.37.07 AM

What would Jesus do? Remember when asking that question that going on a rant and flipping tables over is a possibility. So is having a fish fry (and even eating fish for breakfast). Jimmy Humphrey, of Jimmy’s Table, post the pic above and reminded us that Jesus took naps. Either later the same day or possibly the next day, Coffee with Jesus posted a cartoon about Jesus taking a nap during the storm. I wear a lot of hats but as a preacher I feel a sermon coming on. Look for a link in the left-hand sidebar on Sunday afternoon, possibly Monday morning.

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 8.59.50 AM

Speaking of church leaders, Chuck Lawless has written about 8 characteristics of the best church leaders that he has seen displayed during the COVID-19 crisis. Click here to read his article at The Christian Index.


Charlie Daniels passed this week at the age of 83. Still working up just recently, he employed a large staff and had become something of a conservative voice in recent years. His breakout hit, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, topped the country music charts at #1 back in 1979 and reached #3 on the pop charts.

Well that’s a longer blog post that most people will ever read. Enjoy the weekend, stay positive, find a place to worship online if not in person. Peace, and God bless reader friends.

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