4 Random Thoughts

I thought about calling this post Thinking Out Loud because I want to jot down some ideas but that’s the title of Paul Wilkinson’s blog. The problem with mental notes is that the ink fades so quickly so I often tell people that if I don’t write down it didn’t really happen. These are some thoughts I need to get out there before it’s too late. So in no particular order:

Note 1: I spent some times on the 8 ft. ladder clearing our gutters this morning. They are the old fashioned, uncovered roof gutters and they have gone too long in between cleanings. Then I cleaned up myself, ate lunch, and discovered that The Christian Index had published this:

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 4.10.39 PM
Click on the image to read the full article. Anything can be a sermon illustration and the Index snagged that one before I even had a chance.

Note 2: I published a short story on Tuesday morning about mixing up the words Nazarene and Nazarite. There was a comment from someone about not knowing there was a difference and I realized that in my post I defined Nazarene, a person from Nazareth, but never explained Nazarite. Samson is probably an Old Testament character you are familiar with and perhaps the only Nazarite either of us could name. His mother made those vows when he was born and although he made some questionable choices he became a mighty hero and judge of Israel. Samson was one of many judges that ruled during the time Israel became a nation but before they had a king. You can read his story in the book of Judges chapters 13 – 16. The description of the Nazarite oath can be found in Numbers 6. 

Note 3: These final two notes involve some plans for the future. I preached a sermon on Jesus as the Great High Priest on Sunday morning taking text from Hebrews chapters 4 and 7. I wanted to read a lot more verses of text than I did because it’s all good stuff. So I kept the Sunday sermon down to half and hour but I want to go back to Hebrews for a chapter by chapter Bible study. I’m thinking about doing one post for each chapter and publishing on the same day of the week each time. Haven’t finalized those plans or even picked a day but I need to get something written down before that thoughts fades.

Note 4: There is a page tab above titled iMonk Radio. That page consists of episodes 48 – 81 of Michael Spencer’s Internet Monk Radio podcast. Spencer passed in 2010 and those podcasts were safely tucked away on an iPod nano. I will try to make a long story short but after publishing the ones I had on that page I was contacted by a fellow blogger that found some more. He didn’t have them all but he sent me a huge Drop Box file of additional podcasts. It was a little overwhelming and those were filed away for safekeeping. I’m thinking about sharing one of those per week, writing a new post to introduce each one, until they are all here together. Some of the references to news events or how the Cubs are doing may be dated but Michael Spencer offered timeless wisdom and his systematic theology informs how I approach scripture and relate to the gospel. I think they are worth another listen.

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