Introduction to iMonk Radio Series

I met Michael Spencer in 2003, a few months before Teresa and I moved to Kentucky. I had the opportunity to sit in on his Bible class as part of our campus tour before committing to full time ministry at a private Christian boarding school. I was aware of his blog Internet Monk and looked at the Boar’s Head Tavern every now and then but I did not begin blogging myself until after the launch of Internet Monk Radio. Before boarding a plane in Atlanta for a long flight to Germany I loaded up an iPod Nano with all the iMonk Radio and Coffee Cup Apologetics podcasts that were available at the time. The week I spent listening to those podcasts inspired me to write. I had my own ideas, originally formed as responses and commentary to points Michael was making, and got started on WordPress a few weeks later. Episodes 48 – 81, which I carried to Germany with me, have been on this page since 2010. This new series of posts will begin at podcast #103 of Internet Monk Radio and go through the end of the run, podcast #167. Michael actually mentions in that last podcast that he was too sick to be doing what he was doing.

Some of the references to current news headlines or how the Cincinnati Reds are doing may be a little dated. The wisdom and insights that Michael brings to the table – no pun intended – are timeless. I consulted with Chaplain Mike, who continues to write and host the discussion at Internet Monk .com, and he is also excited to hear Michael’s voice again. In podcast #103 below, Michael was just returning from a sabbatical. He talks about returning to work and rants about his hatred of voicemail. He then gets into three critiques of Evangelicalism. I look forward to revisiting these classic podcasts and hope that others will join me. Comments are open, just remember to play nice.


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