iMonk Radio: Podcast #104

Michael Spencer was the original “Internet Monk” and he built a huge online community. It was not an audience made up of followers but a conversation that continues to this day. Chaplain Mike became the curator of the website/blog. He posts frequently but so a collective of individuals and as a matter of fact he wanted to promote this project and asked me to contribute a post which appeared yesterday on the Internet Monk website.

Jesus Shaped Spirituality was another project that is preserved on the WordPress server like some sort of time capsule. It comes up in the podcast from time to time so if you want to take a look nothing has changed in the last 10 years or so. Here’s a link.

In this podcast, Michael Spencer talks about catching up on his favorite podcasts so we get a window into what he listened to. 2008 was also an election year and John McCain and Barack Obama went to Saddleback to be interviewed by Rick Warren. The majority of the time is spent on Dispatches from the Evangelical Wilderness Part 3, from the Cornerstone ’08 conference.


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