Satur-deja Vu


Last week we speculated on the possibility of having two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. While that historic event did not occur, Hurricane Laura became one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall in the United States. Laura was a strong category 4 hurricane, almost a cat 5. Katrina, for comparison, was only a 3. Pray for everyone that has been and continues to be affected by this storm. It will soon be time to put our differences aside and go be the body of Christ. So far the pandemic has not stopped people from being generous with their time and financial resources. That fact is at least encouraging.

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This is no time for finger lickin’ no matter how good the chicken is. KFC has suspended its use of their longtime slogan “finger lickin’ good” in light of Covid-19. (Here’s that CNN story, since I used their headline.) In a world of contactless service it seems to make sense, at least at first glance. But it’s not like we’re gonna start eating KY Fry with a knife and fork. After touching each piece of chicken with your fingers while stuffing it into your face, what difference would licking or not licking your fingers make?

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New controversy at Cracker Barrel has nothing to do with Brad’s wife. I have been unable to find a credible news source on this but from what I can gather Cracker Barrel planned to quit giving their servers tips paid with credit and debit cards right away. The tips due each server would be paid out once a month, on a card from Cracker Barrel rather than via check or direct deposit. You can see some of the concerns addressed in a video released by Cracker Barrel in response to employee questions/complaints. The latest update indicates this change will not take place after a little public outcry and backlash. If anyone can confirm, deny or clarify what happened that would be appreciated.

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Michael and Denise Spencer, seen here at a senior banquet in 2009. That’s high school seniors, at Oneida Baptist Institute, not senior citizens. Michael began blogging shortly after the 2000 elections before most of us knew what a blog was. He built a community of followers and like-minded individuals as the Internet Monk that continues interacting to this day. I worked with Michael from 2003 until his passing in 2010, starting this blog after listening to several episodes of the Internet Monk Radio podcast. I have started re-posting the podcast episodes because although some of the references may be dated the spiritual wisdom and theological insight are timeless. Read more at this post on Internet Monk.

Also this week:
Hebrews Bible Study continues in chapter 2.
Who is Van Til? It will come up sooner or later.


It’s not mystery seeds from China. I’m no librarian but that doesn’t look like Hunger Games: Mockingjay either. My daughter is ready to start book 3 but we’ll have to wait for Amazon to ship it again, or well, ship it the first time actually. This liquid stevia sweetener came the other day but no one here order it. When I looked at my recent orders to see what, if anything, this could be confused with I saw that Amazon reported Mockingjay had been delivered. The Loch Ness ladles (link) had to come from China and took forever during the pandemic. This was shipped from Amazon fulfillment in Lexington, KY. They are currently trying again.

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